“We play with fire”

The art of playing with fire

A special and unique show

9 years of experience

Unique shows

We heat up the party

Fire shows

The rain won’t stop us


Dancing with fire in the rain

It all started from one little spark

New record in Sibiu

Crispus was formed in the beginning of 2003 in Sibiu by a group of young people with unusual hobbies: playing with fire!

We have developed the play with fire into special shows where pyrotechnics and choreography result in unique visual effects.

"The simplicity of these young people's playing with fire drew the attention of the entire mass media."

Along our 9 years of career we have been invited to shows of brand televisions like TVR, Pro TV, Antena 1, Kiss TV, Euforia TV.

Depending on the occasion and complexity, our shows are tailored to your needs.

We take pleasure in heating up parties, festivals, concerts, open air shows, private and corporate reunions.

"CRISPUS is one of the best PlayPoi groups in Romania." www.stirievenimente.ro

"It was worth getting wet for this.  You don't see every day such a show!" Sandu Pătraşcu

"A passion born from friendship and beautiful feelings." www.unusiunu.net

"The flames dancing with the drops of rain stole the audience's applause" www.tribuna.ro

"Now Crispus is master of flames and knows how to play with fire" www.youngclub.ro

"They have unofficially settled a new record in throwing flames!"

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